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COME TO...Coral Bay, St. John..The OnlyTRUE touch me VIRGIN Left

Coral Divers ...as the name suggests specializes in Scuba Diving.. but What makes us unique is... We cater to small groups...as few as two....DESIGN Your own dive..we will do it your way, with your group, with your interests and timetable the deciding factors....You can mix dive levels in your own group..even snorklers or beginners may be welcome...we will try to please you!!!

St. John's BEST Dive Sites...pics and general info
Eagle Shoals Cavern
Zen Scuba..."Breath is Everything"
First diver Specialists
Coral Divers..........Who are we??
Digital Dudes........Underwater Video productions
...........Check out our Latest Hurricane Video
Computer animation..."Digital effects"
Web Page Creation

Sign our Request Log to RECEIVE either an AVI movie / slideshow / TEXT or just text on on the scuba and snorkle sites of our Caribbean Island National Park

Or, click here to send a comment to coraldivrers-info@usvi.net. c/o Capt Buck

Coral Divers Scuba Center
Dive Packages That Cater To YOU!

Call US! / Write US! / E-mail US! /Please Fill out our Request Form and also check your special interests!

We Promise YOU Your Best Vacation, ever!

We hope to see you UNDER our waters....SOON

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