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WaterSport Business for sale
Dive and Sailing Center
Power Boat Rental Business
Retail Giftshop
Commercial Real Estate
Time-Shares / Limited Partnerships
Barter your talents / Trade for a Trip
Live-aboard Sailing Yacht
Write-off ....your Caribbean Trip and have equity too!!
Own just a piece of paradise with perks
"Action Vacations" includes everything in WaterSports..mountain bikes too
Vacation Packages
Dive tours or lessons
Sailing Vacations -daysails or live-a-board
Combination land and Sea accomodation packages
Inexpensive work /learn /live ideas..internships
Create your own Logo or Web Page or Music Video..any mutimedia production...on Location; and have fun too....diving / sailing / boating / dancing / anything!!
Demo Videos Almost-Free on Request pay shipping and handling $5.00

Digital Dudes do the Hurricanes

shadow games...old analog semi rx-rated (making of the underwater topless calender

Totally Free Teasers
avi slideshow / jpegs and Gifs
3d undersea Worlds
sounds...Sea music / whales or dolphins etc.

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