Create your Own Music Video, Training Video any multimedia production...on location @ the BEACH,
On or UNDER the SEA
Learn and Make your first Web Page....
all while having fun in the sun in the Caribbean

Edu-va-cations Packages - inexpensive or deluxe

....bed / breakfast /Sailboat berth/ tentsite / camping Hotel / Condos

Turtorials on....web page construction.... photoshop - Ilustrator/ corel xara / draw -paint / lightwave - 3d animation / modeling-logos / character animation techniques /

Sailing Instruction / Dive Certifications

Something Different.. Want to learn, and have fun, in the Caribbean...Well;
Hey mon (or womon) on Digital Dudes are offering -live / learn /and love it.....

We teach the Holistic Approach..meaning just what you need -(a total overview)- so you can create and bring back with you a finished project. You learn a little or a lot of everything needed to plan - shoot - edit and record your own music video or underwater documentary ...... or bring your companies logo Flying to life.

We Have PC's / Macs / AND even Amiga's (Video Toaster - Lightwave) ......Total Cross platform.. The best tools for the best job........ Digital and Tape

Complete concepts from start to finish. Non Linear (all Digital) and linear (Hi-8 \ Super VHS) techniques

We are looking for a few good Computer / Internet Nerdudes to help us realize our dreams.....wanna live in us here and Now!

The Digital Dream Primary Goal..creation of a digital Video / Audio Lab to create Internet Advertizing andCD Rom / laser disc interactive products, and audio and/or Video productions for either, in house marketing or commercial clients.

Dive related projects include.. We are currently producing a Turtle animation for an enviromental effort for a local Governmental Fish and WildLife agency. We have also produced two Underwater Habitat Videos...dealing with the destruction of our Mangroves and underSea reefs.

We created The Around St. John Video Guide....and are not suppose to mention the St. John Mermaid DiveCalender and video because the gals are semi clothed....but all wear masks!

An on going project is Hurricane Information Recording ..We Produced St. John's only Hurricane here

E-Mail us for samples of our works and recommendations.

Got any great ideas.......We got the equipment, some capital and the location....We need more capital and talented people with ideas and dreams....Just do us here

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