We are working on the Dive Guide of the US Virgin Islands..and envision a complete Dive Data base for related Internet Dive access.....including video and quicktime panorama files for download.

Currently there are few, if any, total digital companies or web qualified and talented people in the Virgin Islands or Caribbean. We will be able to compete favorably both in terms of price and especially our location to offer Video services from on location assistance to Complete small budget MTV like titles and other similar projects.

. THE LAB ....The following is a brief accounting of what the lab now contains and what we need. The Video / Audio lab has currently following equipment and capabilities. Video editing in all formats including Beta / Hi-8 / SVHS /Sony new Digital format .. We have currently 9 networked computers.. Two LightWave Video Toaster / Amiga Based 68040 machine @ 33 mh. w/ 32 meg ram / 3 IBM PC computers to be net worked together for animation and special effects. 4 Pentimun 200/166/133/90 w/ 64 / 32 megs ram, lotssa gigs of HD's, special cards for digital video and audio effects.ie... Fire wire / Par and Perception and Miro Capture cards for Digital audio and Video. Software... for Animation digital effects, morphing, painting, digital audio / video editing, music synthesising, and desk top publishing including currently 4 printers , 2 laser, 2 color jets. We have a color Hi- rez Scanner for prints and transparancies and can capture digital video or print in various formats. We have many monitors and linear tape desks for video production, 3 hi-8 cameras, 1 beta-cam, 2 SVHS cameras, Sony and JVCDigital Handycam, and Underwater Housings for 3 cameras......................etc.

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send us your usable video gear and barter for Edu-Vacations

Got any great ideas.......We got the equipment, some capital and the location....We need more capital and talented people with ideas and dreams....Just do it....contact us here

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